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Welcome to the Hosties 4 Heroes website

Hosties 4 Heroes was founded and created in 2011 by Sophy Mahon to support our armed forces and fundraise for Help for Heroes. The concept of 'Shaking up a cocktail of mud and glamour' sees teams of airline cabin crew predominantly facing a series of tough, muddy and action packed fundraising challenges in all their glamour to raise money for the charity!

So welcome on board...   Smiley we need your help to gain publicity promoting these events, therefore raising as much money as possible. Help for Heroes was launched in October 2007, it provides direct, practical support to wounded, sick or injured service personnel since 9/11, and it’s constantly ongoing demands, with the other many conflicts around the world, needs and deserves our wholehearted support!...

Let’s raise awareness of Hosties 4 Heroes helping the heroes! They have been brave for us, so now it’s our turn to be brave for them!!

'Toughness is in the soul and spirit....not in muscles!'

The Hosties have also formed a great and very relevant relationship with Flying for Freedom, in partnership with Help for Heroes.

Flying for Freedom are mounting a daring expedition to be undertaken by eight wounded and injured servicemen designed to bring to the attention of Britain and British Business the urgent need to build self-sustaining activities that get our veterans back into work and daily life.

The Expedition, in partnership with Help for Heroes will show their ability not their disability as they each fly by microlight to the South Pole.

Please visit their website

To assist these guys in their funding on getting to the South Pole whilst still donating to Help for Heroes, The Hosties have a 2014 calendar in working this space!


Help for Heroes supports veterans and serving personnel who have been wounded, injured, or become sick, as a result of serving our country. The charity provides immediate, direct support to individuals as well as building long-term support for the future. Additionally, their families and dependents receive support from the charity as they care for their loved one, and adapt to the new challenges that they face.

To date, Help for Heroes has spent or allocated over £50m for individual support, including direct grants to over 2,500 individuals through the Quick Reaction Fund which are administered by the Service’s own charities.

Click here to visit their website.


Tedworth House is one of four Recovery Centres run by Help for Heroes, which form part of the Defence Recovery Capability. Tedworth House aims to inspire the wounded, injured and sick and returning veterans to lead active, independent and fulfilling lives, which will enable them to reach their full potential and to support them and their families for life. It is a place of opportunities providing education, training, sport and adventure in a relaxed, understanding and caring environment. State of the art facilities and dedicated staff aid the road to recovery.

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Forthcoming Events

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Tough Mudder

6th June 2013
Tough Mudder events are hardcore
10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.

Tough Mudder

8th August 2013
They fly, they have wings, they even match so naturally a team of Hosties are strapping themselves to these Red Devils....who will be wearing the scarves and lippy though, that's the question! 8th of August all will be revealed...

Past Events


6th April 2013
The Wolf Run is wild running. A unique combination of three kinds of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacle runs....

The Nuts Challenge

2nd March 2013
The Nuts Adventure Race is approximately a 7km course with a country mile to start and is one of the most challenging military assault courses in the world.

The Reaper

14th October 2012
Rivers Earth And Pain Extreme Running - Can you look Mother Nature in the eyes without flinching?


6th October 2012
The Major is all about character. It's not just a run. It's a major challenge. Running, Mud, Water, Hills, Obstacles. You mustn't let any of them stand in your way....


2nd September 2012
The Mother of Short Courses, sea swim, hilly cycle and challenging run...


7th April 2012
The Wolf Run is wild running. A unique combination of three kinds of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacle runs....

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